餐厅 & 食品服务供应链解决方案

One Network provides integrated end-to-end solutions for restaurant and food service companies with visibility and agility from menu PLU to SKU, 从餐厅到食品配料, 和分销商, 物流供应商, 和供应商.

网络研讨会:重塑数字时代的餐饮供应链 看现在


The foodservice and restaurant supply chain solutions face major challenges. 持续的高需求波动需要供应链的敏捷性. Meeting customer demand while containing waste and lowering overhead costs requires complete end-to-end visibility, 商业智能, 和协作. 网络就是解决方案.




低库存40 - 50%



  实时可见性, 加上基于需求的预测, 是否有助于建立一个更高效、更敏捷的供应链. 

- Lissette Gonzalez, Vice President, Global Planning and 预测, BBI


One Network’s patented platform shares real-time demand and information across all trading partners with immediate visibility and automated actions, 通过减少浪费消除延误和降低成本, 降低所需库存水平,减少对员工的需求. 实时价值网络提供强大的应用程序, 统一于一个平台, 所以它们总是同步的,聪明地一起工作. 他们提供:

  • POS与需求感知 - POS交易数据可能每天或每小时加载一次. ONE’s proprietary 需求感应 engine analyzes recent patterns in POS data at a restaurant or store and at item level to determine where demand-driven forecast adjustments are needed. These adjustments are relayed through automated 补充 planning to drive better allocation of resources to the restaurants and stores that have the greatest need.
  • 菜单项POS到SKU – ONE developed a unique approach to translate demand for menu items to restaurant raw material requirements. 需求预测是在 包括菜单项和原材料项.
  • 跟踪、审计和合规 – Lot tracking, sustainability, recalls, audit trails, regulatory compliance. It’s all there to get the right eyes on the most important issues for a quick resolution.
  • 全局事务骨干 – across 3PL, 4PL, 供应商, Distributors, Carriers, Warehouse providers and Customs. The Network facilitates collaboration across multiple partners in real time.


One Network’s patented Real Time Value Network provides a powerful multi-party, 多层, hub-to-hub网络, providing a global 办理ion backbone with a single version of the truth for all parties.


  • 多层 使更好的决策, 更多的反应, 减少过度订购和浪费, 减少意外缺货, 并提高了新鲜.
  • 实时可见性 满足POS消费者的需求,而不仅仅是商店订单. A 多层 solution improves sell-thru, improves forecast, and lowers inventory costs.
  • 多党 to better coordinate processes and trading partners and enable real time collaboration. 网络上的所有各方都享有该解决方案的全部功能.

花费控制:降低餐厅和商店库存40 -50%, 推动合同遵守率达到99%以上,减少销货成本

改善商品采购的长期预测, 定价, 准时交货和服务水平, 和支出控制

  • 合同合规 during execution; Single Version Of the Truth (SVOT) root cause analysis for determining chargebacks
  • 长期商品预测 对未来几个月或几年的原材料需求进行预测. 在谈判中要对需求预测有信心.
  • 优化执行 – Reduce order processing and planning time by using ONE’s automated 补充. ONE calculates requirements based upon current restaurant/store inventory, 已下订单和预计使用量. Usage of raw materials is tied directly to menu item sales forecast using recipes.
  • 动态库存优化 – Last Minute Allocation (LMA) directs DC inventory to the stores with greatest need and likelihood of selling. 这就减少了库存,减少了浪费.
  • 原材料降价 – driven by better long range forecasts requiring less inventory at suppliers
  • 更少的加速 ——减少现货商品订单


The Real Time Value Network provides a SVOT for perfect order root cause analysis for charge-backs, 执行和优化.


ONE的实时价值网络(RTVN)可以增加可见性, faster and more efficient collaboration and more accurate restaurant and store orders. ONE translates from menu item demand to raw material demand using defined recipes.

需求感应 (DT) monitors POS 办理ions and quickly modifies forecasts where a store or group of stores is experiencing a deviation in actual customer traffic or menu item selection.


The combined power of increased network and operational agility means unprecedented responsiveness, revenue capture and cost reductions for all parties in the foodservice supply chain.

  • 网络- - - - - - Add / replace restaurants, franchises, 分销商, suppliers; (includes on-boarding, purges etc.)
  • 操作- - - - - - Automated exception based Sense and Respond (demand/supply/business continuity), LTO(限时促销活动)计划和执行
  • 减少信息领先时间- Eliminate the time required to gather and send data to a trading partner. 通过在一个单一的工作, 实时网络, 餐厅实现了减少库存和需求波动风险
  • 灵活的, Place orders as needed rather than waiting to adhere to fixed batch times


实时价值网络使您能够在执行时进行优化, 降低成本5-15%,改善服务. 它提供了连续的, 自动化的异常事件, 感知和响应, collaboration and execution while reducing human effort and achieving superior forecast accuracy, 减少库存, 减少缺货和浪费.


  • 自治新代理 – ONE proprietary intelligent agents (NEO) are purpose built to optimize throughout the forecasting, 补充, 分配和订餐流程
  • 理论最低 -使用ONE的实时价值网络, 客户享受接近零的信息交付时间, 接近理论最低库存水平
  • 优化执行 – well coordinated and visible partner collaboration reducing lead times and inventory
  • Network-in-a-box -让贸易伙伴快速与网络集成, 即使他们的其他技术是有限的



Learn how a digital network for restaurants and food service companies can deliver higher customer service, 新鲜的食物, 而且成本更低.



了解如何了解Bloomin ' Brands Inc ., 一家领先的餐饮集团,其品牌包括北鱼烧烤, Carrabba的意大利烤, 弗莱明的牛排餐厅 & Wine Bar和澳拜客牛排店(Outback stehouse)将供应链数字化.


How a Leading 餐厅 Company Lowered Costs, Waste and Improved Service, Freshness and Safety

Learn how one leading global fine and casual dining restaurant opted to move beyond spreadsheets and legacy ERP systems, 向数字化供应链转型.


蛋白质 & 生产粮食供应网络

学习优化成本所需的16项基本能力, 质量, 并为食品相关行业提供客户服务, 包括食品, 餐厅, 食品服务部和他们所有的供应商, 分销商, 和食品生产商.



本报告研究了1.75 million 零售 DC appointments related to shipments controlled by the suppliers. 以下是我们在解决“准时”问题时学到的经验, 食品零售的全量(OTIF)表现.



One Network解决方案如何帮助您提高质量, service and profitability with a real-time digital network for all food service partners.



疫苗, 医药和食品供应链需要可靠, 可验证的冷供应链, 与完整的监测, 追踪和跟踪, 链的监护权, and point of origin information across all sites and parties to ensure integrity of supply. 本报告解释了.



如何区块链, 与多方网络相结合, can help secure the food supply chain and mitigate food safety issues. 它还可以在必要时帮助执行快速和有针对性的召回.



探索One Network NEO平台的独特功能, 这使你能够连接, 办理, 并与您所有的贸易伙伴实时合作, to improve service levels and lower costs for all across the network.