How Networks are Disrupting Business


The impact of networks on business has been rapid and profound. The world’s largest and most successful companies are network-based.

  • AirBnB – the largest hospitality company (but doesn’t own hotels)
  • 超级 – the largest cab company (but doesn’t own cabs)
  • 脸谱网 – the largest media company (but doesn’t produce content)
  • 阿里巴巴 – the largest retailer (but doesn’t own any stores)

What do they all have in common?

他们是 数字,提供一个 真相的单一版本 for all parties, and they automatically 供需匹配 在真正的时间.

This combination enables these companies to coordinate supply and demand almost instantly and at the lowest possible cost.

Now that same advantage is available to companies in the industrial sectors. One Network’s Real Time Value Network (RTVN) is a real-time network for all trading partners, with automatic supply-demand matching and multiparty network applications for optimizing and managing all aspects of business.

The Real Time Value Network: Multiparty Network Platform for Value 优化

Many “networks” are that in name only. A true network that enables multiparty transactions and applications requires:

  1. Multi company transactions and master data. It must provide a SVOT instead of replicating data across systems. This also requires a secure and permissions framework so that access to data is strictly controlled.
  2. Ability to upgrade multiparty workflows with backward compatibility. You can’t upgrade all point-to-point connections/integrations.
  3. Onboard once do business with anyone. It is no longer feasible to implement and manage point-to-point integrations between trading partners. Similar to joining a social network, companies should only need to connect once to the platform, and then transact with any company on the network.
  4. Near real time global visibility. Company should be able to see the entire state of their network and supply chains in near real time.
  5. Intelligent Agents for decision-making. Businesses cannot run effectively with largely manual planning and execution processes. The RTVN includes intelligent agents that identify emerging problems and resolve them before they manifest into actual problems and impact the supply chain or the end-customer.
  6. Modular and adaptable architecture. Legacy systems are rigid, inefficient, and costly to maintain. The ONE platform is architected for rapid solution assembly. We let you quickly build a customized solution by choosing from pre-built modules. With a powerful SDK you can build your own solutions from scratch, or use a certified development partner to build a solution for you.

The Real Time Value Network provides all this and more.